Windmill Large Roller Mystery Ink

Hi folks! I have honestly learned to run my windmill by troubleshooting on this website. Thank you! I’m currently facing a problem that I can’t seem to find an answer for, and its super intimidating…

The far right side of the large roller on my press occasionally picks up ink from somewhere inside the press. It only happens on part of the roller, so I’m assuming it’s when the roller has traveled all the way to the right. It doesn’t happen consistently.

I think I have to take the whole inking system off the press to clean under the large roller. Is this true? If so, it makes me so nervous. Are there any feeds on this surgery? Does anyone have any advice?

Thanks so much.

image: IMG_4817.JPG


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try the sludge trough, support or the trough if you leave it in your press, build up of ink goop could be there or under the ink cylinder guard in the front, (the thing with the scale on it)

Build up of ink Leeching from the Ink Duct, possibly? even when/or if using the Duct on a regular basis, generally, because there are no seals in the accepted sense the *Good Ole Guys, and Gals*s use lead restricter, blocks, (usually cast by any local friendly Hot Metal typesetting, exponent or Fisherman, (lead weights) or Re-enactment D.I.Y. bullet/musket ball maker,??

Blocks originally/normally found supplied with the M/c. ex factory. …
2 fold advantage to their use,
(A) to prevent thinner Ink leeching by the ends, and ditto wash up fluid, before the Duct blade is swung down.!!

(B) As per original makers Hints/Tips, a pair, positioned in the Duct to restrict (up to a point) excessive migration from the reciprocator on small jobs or minimal ink supply.

Plus published recently on B.P. possibly,! the blocks to be used merely covered in grease-proof paper, i.e. no need for wash up, just new grease-proof per ink change.!!

+ What has been done, rather than ANY dismantling, remove all of the Removable rollers, steel and rubber/polyeurathene, that are removable, turn the M/c. by hand, drizzle a small amount of *Stripper*onto the drum/roller which will find the >build up< followed by a little ingenuity, a swan neck flashlight, (engineers top pocket style) even a dentists mirror,!!! + long reach metal spatula, even the long reach metal tool(s) as used on Bottle Gardens/Car bouys,???
Or If all else fails, access to a Wet and Dry *VAX* machine with HOT soapy detergent.
If the *VAX* m/c. can AND will AND has, decontaminated the many years of trapped entombed sludge, from under the >Ram< for the Platen Proper, i.e. any amount of punch outs from die-cutting, spaces, lumps of lead,etc. etc. a/the little build up from under the Drum, should be a *breeze*

Have the aftermarket, Absorbent strips in the wash up trough been suggested, or sourced, even cotton waste on a D.I.Y. helps, reduce the splatter and possibly the “build up*?

Apologies if the above be rubbish, but Good Luck.

b.biroscack and Mick, thank you for your help!

I put a head lamp on and realized that removing the front cylinder guard wasn’t difficult. Ink had been building up on the air compressor side of the press for a while, so I scraped out a pile about the size of my fist. I’m hoping that the new wash up bar that’s coming in the mail will prevent future build up. If not, at least I know how to clean it up.

Thanks ya’ll.