Travelling to London, what should I see

I will be travelling to London, England from Canada in mid October for a couple weeks, and am looking for suggestions of places to visit, and tips of what a young printer should go see! All ideas appreciated!

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check out Oxford Guild Printers Saturday, 22 October 2016
O.G.P. Wayzgoose ~ Saturday 22nd October. Dora Cohen Hall, Wheatley Campus of Oxford Brookes University. 10am – 5pm. Entry Free
but check out details, who is attending ,reviews etc to see if worthwhile, not been for a couple of times…………..

.. early November if still here

London Centre Book Arts?

Thanks for the tip jonathanjeclipse, sadly my trip is now from the 4th-15 of October. I am certainly popping by the London Centre for Book Arts though!

galenasmart, St. Bride Library, if they are open & pubs.
best james

Since you have some time and you want to make the most of your trip, you should consider booking a flight over the Irish Sea to Dublin. Plan to spend about two days and one night there, minimum, on my recommendation. Make time to see:

* The National Print Museum —-

* Marsh’s Library - behind St. Patrick’s Cathedral - a late Renaissance library which hasn’t been remodeled in 300 years

* The Book of Kells museum - on the Trinity College campus - where you see under glass a few examples of hand-bound books about 1,000 years old

* Duffy Bookbinders - a family that has been binding books now for four generations -

I also can recommend a tidy and comfortable B&B in Ballsbridge which is close to the National Print Museum and in easy walking distance of the others, provided space is available, of course. However, at your time of year, B&Bs are in the off season so you should have several lodging opportunities available.

As always … whatever you choose to do … be sure to “report back” and share what you saw with the crowd.

Erin go braugh!

image: National Print Museum interior (J. Archibald photo)

National Print Museum interior (J. Archibald photo)