Adana 8 x 5 on E bay

Check out Adana 8 x 5 on E bay currently, seated is preferable less distance to fall with laughter.!!!

Item Number 112107725491

In the hope that our expression translates/transcribes across the Watery Divide, the expression says if that transpires, *I will eat my Hat* meaning if ANYBODY bids/buys that item, I the author, will not just eat MY hat, I will metaphorically eat, Ottmar Mergenthaler,s & Tolbert Lanston,s Hats combined. …. Might even throw in *Isambard Kingdom Brunel,s* hat for afters.

That M/c. looks as if it were dredged out of our Thames Estuary….We see WW II, Rolls Royce Merlin engines, dredged up in fishing net trawls, with more potential than the above.

Equivalent POSSIBLY, to dredging the Silt from under the remains of *The Monitor* at Hampton Roads,? and uncovering a prototype C.& P. table top, and entering it *As Seen* on Yankee E bay.!!!

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