Protecting rollers

I recall reading somewhere (if here, I can’t find it again) that to protect rollers from getting wrecked printing small areas of type, a small chamfered piece of wood or reglet set to bottom of the beard height would lessen the impact on the rollers and protect them from undue damage.
Can anyone recall reading this too, or have better ideas?

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Rollers set properly will only kiss ink the face of the type and will not get down to the bottom of the beard. Thus anything at that height serves nothing.
If however the rollers are set too low, there is potential for roller damage. Roller bearers set at the side edges of the chase at type high can help. It is catering to a symptom rather than correcting the cause.

Thanks for that Inky, and probably best solved by packing under the bearer straps. Looking at it again, the rollers themselves have a slightly larger diameter (miniscule) than the trucks/runners, so this isn’t helping either…


I use an old set of rollers for jobs that are inherently hard on rollers. If this is not possible then changing or turning rollers position from L to R visa versa.