Korrex Stuttgart Manual Press - Packing and a manual?

Hello Briar Press,

Hope you are well. I’ve just brought at Korrex Stuttargt 13 3/4 by 17/ 9/16. I have to re-do the packing and would like to know how much would be best and the combination? Also does anyone have a manual. I know it’s a beautiful simple machine but too much knowledge is never enough. Thank you

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Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 07.36.19.png

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Normally a small plate attached to the press – on the side of the operator – indicates the thickness of the packing. It varies from press to press, sometimes 1mm, but going up to 1.5mm. Check out the website of Drukwerk in de Marge for an extensive list of manuals and brochures of Korrex presses. If that isn’t enough, then I can send you PDFs of the instructions (in German). I made my packing using 300g Bristol card, and Mylar as a drawsheet. Works perfect.

And my own Korrex Stuttgart that I finished cleaning and refurbishing a few weeks ago…

image: Korrex Stuttgart.jpg

Korrex Stuttgart.jpg

For more Korrex Stuttgart pictures, visit myFlickr album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157671352813275

Hello Thomas,

Thanks very much for the information. I’ve spotted the 1,2mm on the side of the printer, so that must be it. I made some packing yesterday of a combination of papers, and Mylar as a draw sheet. But I’ll try bristol board, I’ll experiment. I was thinking of buying waxed butchers paper, what do you think? Instead of tynmpan. Your machine looks beautiful what a wonderful job you’ve done. You wouldn’t happen to know where I might get a chase? Anyway, thanks for the information I’ll check out the website you suggested. Take care Olu

Finding a chase is not that easy, but you can of course get a chase made. The bar that slots in at the end of the bed has two screws that allows you to quickly fix the chase. I have no chases at all on my test presses, I manage well without.

Thanks Thomas, I’ll go chase-less then!

Many thanks


Hello Thomas,

I was wondering if you could help me on two counts. Firstly I would love to take up your offer of the instruction manual! I couldn’t find one online. Also I’m having a little trouble working out the trip on the Korrex.

When I return the carriage after a print the image is printing on the drum. Is there a way of putting the carriage on trip so that this does not happen? Many thanks Olu… or anyone else who can help!

Hello Thomas,
I’m looking for a Korrex Stuttgart. Do you know anybody who is going to sell someone?

Thank you in advance.

to Ortrud
very reasonable so far priced Eickhoff in uk ebay at the moment…….2 bids c £550