Large Copper Printing Plate

I have come into possession of a large copper halftone plate that is much too large for me. It is about 1 foot wide and 2 feet high. It is a semi-naked man pointing skyward - probably Adam (he has a leaf over his crotch.) It is a halftone, has a goodly amount of wear, some scratches and some old ink and trash. I can’t pull a print so I have no idea how useful it is. I know it IS pretty. A new friend traded me some old wood type but asked me to try to sell this for him. I thought to ask on Briar before trying eBay. He is thinking it may be worth maybe $100 but it may be worth more or less .Anyway, contact me to discus, if you like. It is not necessarily first come first serve or most money. A trade of some sort may work. I am sorry the photo is not better but I can shoot some more if there is interest. AND PLEASE HELP: even if you are not interested in owning it, I really would appreciate hearing any thoughts on what the community thinks the subject may be, how used and what you guess it may be worth! It is similar to an illustration of man put on Pioneer 10 but is somewhat different. My wife thinks it is a Mucha illustration but I haven’t found a copy and can’t guess why someone would go to the expense. Copper plates that big were expensive even in the day! Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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image: BrassMan.jpg


image: Face.jpg


image: Crotch.jpg