Pyramid Atlantic Designer in Residence Program

The Designer in Residence Program celebrates the spirit of collaboration, and aims to showcase the work of talented graphic designers who are interested in printmaking, book arts and papermaking. It is a year long residency, during which the designer will design newsletters, brochures, exhibition postcards and special event flyers that imagine the artforms central to Pyramid Atlantic through graphic design. The program envisions designs which have the artist’s distinct stamp and a theme or motif that runs through the year. The residency gives graphic designers a unique opportunity to create a body of work across various platforms and the experience of working with a premier not-for-profit arts organization. The Designer in Residence will also be expected to learn and/or work in the printmaking, papermaking and/or bookbinding studios at Pyramid Atlantic to experiment and develop their own work. The residency will culminate with an exhibition, showcasing the work done for Pyramid and the artist’s personal work created at Pyramid.

The designer will be expected to work in close conjunction with PAAC staff to create:
- 12 Online Newsletters
- 4 Class Schedules/ Brochures
- 5-6 Exhibition Postcards
- 2-3 Special Event/ Program Flyers

Since this is a year long residency, the designer in residence can work off-site, but will be expected to respect the deadlines set by Pyramid Atlantic. A calendar will be set up at the beginning of the residency with deadlines and important dates.

- Open to early to mid career graphic designers, but not currently enrolled full time students.

- Requisite experience as a graphic designer
- Commitment to working with reasonable deadlines

- Exposure through printed material and social media
- Feature on a dedicated page on Pyramid Atlantic’s website
- The opportunity to experiment and develop the artist’s own work.
- The opportunity to create a portfolio of material for Pyramid Atlantic
- Exhibition at the end of the residency
- A letter certifying the artist’s work at Pyramid Atlantic, a not-for-profit organization
- Two free classes of your choice
- 24-hour studio access and storage space for tools

- Letter of intent explaining your vision as Pyramid Atlantic’s - - - Designer in Residence
- Resume
- 10-20 examples/ images of recent work
- Three professional references
- Application fee: $10
- Deadline: October 5th 2016

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