Heidelberg KSBA

I’m in the market for a Heidelberg KSBA (for printing, not die cutting). I’ve talked to a number of printers and have heard some good advice.

For the KSBA owners/operators out there, but are the top things I should keep an eye out for when evaluating possible acquisition targets?

Thanks in advance.

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[Reply had listed perspective on things to keep an eye out for, when considering KSBA for printing]

[Sorry if you came here via search hoping to learn about KSBA + letterpress.]

For this info disappearing, you can thank “Haven Press”’ persistent narky attitude on multiple threads. Good job with building knowledge + community Mark! Good job!

What is the maximum sheet size you need? Bob

Amazing, asks a question and gets replies to other questions.

Well, with any cylinder press you check bed, cylinder and bearers for damage. My KS has scars, obviously from die-cutting door hangers, but they are small or shallow enough that it hasn’t affected printing. Look under the bed where the driving gear is and make sure it has been maintained (cleared of waste and greased regularly). Pump the oil handle and see that oil is coming out of major bearings like the swing gripper.
A nice feature on later models (not on mine but it is in the manual) was a system of running a metal band under the cylinder to control stiff or heavy stock, and an indicator of that would be markings on the splash guard between cylinder and ink train; a clamp there holds the band and it ends with similar marks in the delivery. Some models also had a heavy accessory bar to hold scoring/perforating wheels.
If you don’t really need the larger sheet but do heavy coverage, a smaller KS or KSB can run four form rollers where the KSBA has three.
I’d stay away from the two-color models (ending in Z). The second-color unit really limits access to the cylinder for makeready.

I’m gonna put this simply.

OP stated, “I’m on the market for a KSBA” and “I’ve talked to a number of printers and have heard some good advice.”

This says, “I’ve consulted and decided to get a KSBA

They asked one simple question- what parameters to evaluate PRESS CONDITION.

Your reply was “Are you sure you want a KSBA” and listed some valid reasons for considering whether or not to get a KSBA; But you didn’t offer any advice about evaluating a press.

If you have advice for evaluating a press, you should give it!

I wasn’t trying to be snarky, but I myself have asked many questions here and gotten a barrage of answers to questions I didn’t ask, mostly not helpful. It’s simple; I was trying to point out a disparity between what the original poster asked, and what was being provided which was (while on topic) askew from the question.

Thanks for the comments and advice. Much appreciated!