Polymer Platemaking Services in Canada?

Hi Folks,

I’m wondering if anyone can recommend a polymer plate making service based in Canada. I’ve found That Sky Blue out of Montreal, and sterling.ca.

Any others you might recommend? Or can any Canadians share their experience using USA-based services?

I’ve ordered material and supplies from Boxcar, but typically get slammed with duty (Thanks Ups…) I’d like to avoid this if possible.


- Drex S.

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Hi there, looking for photo polymer here in Ontario? I do it all the time in house. Also set linotype and ship anywhere. Am a trade typesetter with three working linecasters and can set up to 36 pt slugs. I mount polymer for .918 high. 705-489-2036 Bob

Sterling Marking products makes fantastic magnesium dies for hot stamping and letterpress. I believe there are 2 options for plate thickness from them. I used them for all my foiling dies.

I’ve had issues with That Sky Blue’s plate quality on more than one occasion. Namely under-exposed plates, backwards plates, missing crop marks…

KDS in Scarborough is a good option for photopolymer plates as well. They can create a larger plate size and the quality is quite good. I’ve also ordered embossing dies from them with precast counters.

For combo foiling/emboss dies I’ve used UEI out of Kansas. The exchange rate and duty is deathly high but the quality is ideal for long runs that require a copper or brass CNC. They are partnered with Infinity Foils who also supplies good make-ready materials.

Highlands Printing/Mann Type - I wish I knew of your services while I was still in Ontario. It sounds like you have a lot of experience.

Hope this helps