Sigwalt presses and parts

Sigwalt press parts are ready to go. They are FREE to someone who will “in writing” agree to use them and NOT scrap the metal. I am still selling two presses - one large
5x8 and one small 3x5 press in working shape. The press parts are about 4500 pounds of parts, molds, machining jigs, castings, product literature and forms for printing literature. This
is the remaining manufacturing operation of the Sigwalt press company of Chicago. I bought and hauled from Michigan several years ago and have not made any progress in starting up the manufacturing process. E-mail and we can discuss details.

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image: Sigwalt presses.jpg

Sigwalt presses.jpg

image: Sigwalt small press.jpg

Sigwalt small press.jpg

image: Sigwalt large press.jpg

Sigwalt large press.jpg