Spring Loaded Form Lock Ups

I’m not sure of the actually name of these but they are used to secure a form in a galley or possibly on a proof press.

There is two lengths and two widths. The lengths have a male connector and the widths have a female connector(see picture as I am not quite sure how to best describe it). The lengths can only be use with the widths to form a rectangle. You can not use four lengths or four widths. Each part is spring loaded so that it can be expanded and apply pressure to the form so it won’t break apart. Their measurements are as follows:

Length 1: 42 pica (expands to ~72 pica)
Length 2: 36 pica (expands to ~56 pica)

Width 1: 20 pica (expands to ~30 pica)
Width 2: 22 pica (expands to ~32 pica)

Please email me with any questions or if you know the proper name for these I would be grateful. I have a box of these I can sell, I am thinking $15 for a set of both lengths and widths plus shipping. A discount can be added for more sets.

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image: IMG_3042.JPG


image: IMG_3043.JPG


image: IMG_3046.JPG


image: IMG_3045.JPG