“The Chicago” Paper Cutter

Hello Guys
I’ve recently bought a huge Paper Cutter made by (I guess) “The Chicago” factory. It is in perfect working condition. Can anyone help me to find out who made it and when it was made? I haven’t taken it away from the place of the guy who sold it to me, that will be a headache in the next few days. Thanks to all !! By the way, I’m totally in love with the guillotine.

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The Chicago paper cutter was manufactured by the E.P. Donnell Manufacturing Co. of Chicago. There are patents for it dated Dec. 11, 1883 and Aug. 18, 1884, and probably more patents later. Here is a link to an 1885 advertisement in the American Stationer:


A google search will find more info. Hal Sterne’s book Catalogue of Nineteenth Century Binding Equipment (1978) shows an image of it on page 57.

Thank you so much for the information Bob!! I’m glad you took the time to write a comment. I’m double happy to know what I have just bought. Thanks again!!