Kutrimmer/IDEAL Tabletop Cutter

FOR SALE: Kutrimmer/Ideal 1071 paper cutter we purchased new in 2012. Used (very) lightly for 1.5 years, so it’s in great shape. Looks like new. Bought online at Mono Machines for $600+; selling for $300 plus shipping. It weighs 62 pounds.

Max Cut Length: 28 1/2″ maximum cut length
Size: 30 5/8″ D x 20 1/4″ W
Weight: 62 pounds

KEY FEATURES (from http://www.monomachines.com/shop/kutrimmer-1071-paper-cutter.html)
-Safety: Lexon Plastic Guard will protect you from accidental cuts or injury.

-Durability: All-metal construction. It is not going to warp or be damaged by falling office products or spilled beverages.

Easy to Use:
—Has an independent hand clamp, meaning the paper clamp is independent of the blade, allowing the user to apply desired pressure on the material.
— Offers preset guides on the base for the most common cut sizes. The paper support is a nice feature that allows you to rest the material flat through the cutting area to eliminate crease marks from the material drooping while cutting. The 1071 cuts Cardstock, Construction Paper, Paper, Specialty Papers, Laminator film and Photo Paper.

Depending on frequency of use, the blades have to be sharpened. Replacement blades are available or you can take to a local knife shop for sharpening.

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