C&P Craftsman 14-1/2” x 22” for sale

Our Craftsman 14-1/2 x 22 is for sale, in order to make room for another press. In production until the mid 1960s, this was the largest platen press manufactured by C&P and was widely used for die cutting, perforating, scoring, heat foiling, and embossing, as well as letterpress. It was recently rebuilt and is in good working condition. The rails are somewhat worn and require application of tape to adjust to type height. It is powered by a 220 electric motor and is equipped with a speed control, the slowest setting giving a closure rate of approximately once every four seconds. It is not equipped with a fountain or an automatic feeder, and so must be hand fed and recharged with ink manually. The large chase size makes it attractive for wood, metal and lino cuts. 5 chases, and 3 pairs of rollers included.

It is installed in a street level industrial space in Brooklyn, and can be moved with a fork lift or heavy duty pallet jack.

Asking $2500 OBO

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image: Chandler and Price Craftsman.jpg

Chandler and Price Craftsman.jpg