Keep or Melt?

Hello all,
I buy allot of scrap lead to fuel my bullet casting addiction. In my recent scrap buys I’ve found these blocks. Are they worth saving? I see allot of these on ebay for sale with no bids. Thanks for looking.

image: DSCN2888_zpsoulblvp6.jpg


image: DSCN2890_zpsgkmejzzf.jpg


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From One who, to His eternal shame, has taken the course You imply!!! Do not do it, i.e. melt them down, TOO many beautiful L/press artefacts have gone to the wall already.
Post on Briar Press (first) NOT for Sale but, Barter/Trade/Swap etc. etc, for Plumbers Lead, retrieved Bullets, from the sand traps of Ranges etc.etc.etc. Fishing weight exponents, and so on.
Give the genuine L/press enthusiasts a chance to preserve for posterity, to quote how it used to be before P/P, maybe even to use.! + tiny amount as above, of no significance, up to a point, but Printers Hot Metal (generally) frowned on by our re-enactment Guys, especially for Musket Balls because the volume to weight goes askew via the >Lead Tin Antimony< syndrome, even Our properly Nitro proofed weapon,s users are sceptical.???

I agree, do not melt them down.

I hate when I read that a person has a typecasting machine for sale. You contact them, and find out they scarped all the mats and tools and misc before putting it up for sale.
People think the line casting machine is what people are looking for.

The items are the mats, magazines, tools and misc that go with the line casting.

The items you posted should be saved, so that people can understand more about pre-computer dates.