Victorian dancer metal cut?

Hello All,

I am looking for a metal cut or die-ready digital image that reflects a Victorian-era ballroom dancer or dancing couple. This is for a letterpress printed memorial dance card for family/friends of a recently deceased friend who taught dance.

If you have any metal cut or digital image to share or sell, please let me know.

Many thanks to the community,
Emily Hancock
St Brigid Press

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Go to Google——-
I’m very sure you’ll find the image you’re looking
for —- then size and have a metal or poly plate made.

Thanks, Gaslight. I’ve done a number of Google searches, but will try to narrow my parameters.
Appreciate it,

In times past and generally U.K. on the lower end of the spectrum, i.e. Hobby Printers and similar with Table Tops usually managed to acquire Specimen books`from several of the Bona Fide Founders with Many, Many pages of stock Blocks, Images, etc. (in theory for ordering in as when) but more often than not, whatever image was required was simply *lifted*, Shot on camera and turned into a Zinco/Plate/Cut whatever> . . Would the Successor, *Clip-Art* or equivalent fill the same purpose. . Apologies for rubbish.? Good Luck. Mick. the same kind of service, already available, somehow, from Briar Press direct,.!!!

I will take a look at what we have.

Thanks much, Mick and mnmom64!