Bookbinding tools

I am looking for a source to use for cataloging a collection of bookbinding tools. Wheels, scallops, and other ornate brass decorative stamping tools. They are very old and I wanted to see if anybody knows of a resource to name and identify these unbelievable tools. Some have a manufacture name on them but most don’t. I wanted to see if they had names when they were cast or a catalog that numbered them or something. Thanks. I have attached a picture of some of the wheels.

image: Wheels.jpg


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Try this first——-
Paul Brubaker…..the owner of
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Telephone: (717) 628-5243

Hi, Iwillcreate,
An important book for you as follows:
Bookbinders Finishing Tool Makers 1780-1965 by
Tom Conroy Published 2002 jointly by Oak Knoll Press and the Plough pRESS ISBN 1-58456-057-6
contains separate sections for UK, Europe, and USA

I will msg you separately as to what i found in my own former collection

I scanned these from an old Harrild catalogue many years ago, still got some left, there are about 20 pages double sided A4 size, take a look at the pictures, if they are any good to you send me your address through Briar Press and I will post 1 off to you,


image: SAM_0336.JPG


image: SAM_0334.JPG