Chandler & Price OS 12x18

New Home Found (27 June). Chandler & Price Old Series 12” x 18” treadle platen press, built 1910. In good condition, well maintained, little apparent bearing wear. Three newish (3 years old) rollers (plus two old spares), ink fountain (not fitted). Runs easily and smoothly with the treadle or by hand operation with the fly-wheel: there is provision for motorizing also, but I have never felt the need to do so. Well housed during my time of ownership (1987 to date) and from my observation of its previous owner, also before that. Main feed board replaced with cedar 3 years ago, and the impression saddle last year (replacement has been repaired but is in good condition). Excellent chase with handles. This is a sweet, versatile and reliable press, on which I learned to print, and it is only being disposed of because I now have a small tabletop Albion that will take up much less room in my next printshop. It is also big and heavy and needs movers who know what they are doing. Such people exist in Canberra, 40 k. away. New owner takes all responsibility for freight arrangements. Access is good, through a double roller door and on the level, straight off the driveway. Presses of this size and condition are now quite scarce in Australia.

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