Verona ATF 695 digital?

I’m looking for Verona ATF 695 in digital form. Any idea where I might find it?

If not 695, where might I look for Verona Antique?

Thanks, JA

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For the Digital Version,? possibly try
*Monotype Imaging Holdings* out of Woburn Massachusetts.

The English Arm out of Redhill U.K. Monotype Imaging Inc. would be OUR first port of call, but at around 10,000 miles round trip, even for Info, is perhaps a little far.?

Good Luck Mick.

Jimmy Abraham, has Mikadan which is a knock off. Originally it was called Bologna.Best james

Designer: Robert Wiebking

Year: 1924

Publisher: Scangraphic

Buy this font online from:

Linotype Library:



Copied form Identifont website.

The Verona at Linotype/Monotype is the Stephenson-Blake Verona, not the ATF Verona.
Mikadan is a “tribute” rather than a rendering of the original, and considerably heavier.