Kluge 10x15 Motorized Platen Press

Kluge $ = 2000.00

Kluge 10x15 Motorized Platen Press

Press was in regular use until a couple years ago. Has everything you need to print including chases, belts, Redington counter, variable speed motor, rollers and bearers. The rollers will need to be refinished and the platen may need a slight adjustment to achieve quality printing. It prints as it stands currently, but inking can be rather uneven. New rollers should do the trick.

Details -

Located in The Brooklyn Navy Yard / Building 3 - along Flushing Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. In a studio with double wide doors, a freight elevator and loading dock. Easy move out! To arrange for pickup please contact [email protected]

Kluge 10 x 15 in.

Rollers, Bearers, V. Speed Motor, Belts Etc, 2x Chase, Redington Counter, Feed Boards - Everything Needed to Print!


W - 35 in. (without Feed-board on) / 49 in. (with Feed-board)
H - 5 ft.
L - 55 in.

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