Bringing a C&P back into production after a 30 year retirement

Hello all,

Looks like I will be picking up a 1925 C&P 10x15 this week. I found quite a deal from a gentleman that is selling his warehouse and business. Many years ago they used it for printing schedules for the local horse racing track, but as digital print took over they retired this press. It has been kept in doors. They say it worked fine when it was stored and hasn’t been run in a day since over 30 years ago. I have seen the press and it turns freely and there is no play in any of the moving parts. Aside from a ton of dust and some light surface rust on the ink plate and chase bed it seems to be in good condition.

The electric motor is shot and does not spin, but that is easily replaced with a new one. Aside from a deep cleaning and oiling all of the parts described in the oiling manual are there any other tips or tricks that I need to consider to bring this press back into production?


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Some place I saw a picture of your press. I think you may have a gem.
Many people think they should take their new toy apart and clean it all up. RONG… Clean it. Yes. Take it apart No. You are interested in making pretty prints, not making a pretty press for your parlor.
In some old shops the press was filthy everywhere except where the ink and the paper went. It was well oiled. I came from the school that said if there was no oil on the floor; you were not oiling it enough. Oil is cheap. Be ready to get down and mop up the oil on the floor.
Clean the ink disc to bright metal. Clean the rails. Rails must remain without oil or wax. Clean the bed and the platen and apply a coat of automobile wax to these. Buff well.
Be aware of the old presses that have many miles on them. The cast iron rails wear. You may have to build them back up with tape. Old rollers having sat idle for 30 years will need recovering.
You will probably wish to remove the ink fountain. Unless you are going to do long runs, it is a nuisance to clean up.
Get some ink on your shirt.


Have the old motor looked at be a good electoral shop before replacing.

Great feedback! Thank you.

Well I decided to go for it. Deal was just to good to pass up. Here it is all loaded up and ready for a new home.

image: presstruck.jpg