A4 platemaking unit and film printer

Downsizing my shop and looking to sell both a platemaking unit and film processing printer.

Platemaker is a Jet PA 350 N2 in excellent working order. I’ve processed hundreds of plates on this unit.
-purchased from Boxcar Press in 2011
-A4 Model – Maximum Plate Size – 10″ x 13″
-3 in 1 exposure unit (with 2 drying drawers)
-You will need a plumber to install a cold water inlet and drain and an electrician to install 220V single phase electrical per your building requirements and preferences. A drain kit is supplied with the unit so it can be hard plumbed or left alone and used as a bucket batch system.
-unit is able to process many different types of plates: currently it is programmed to process KF152 for deep relief Boxcar bases.
-comes with about a dozen unexposed KF152 photopolymer sheets, a roll of adhesive backing and an extra roll of Kreene.

Asking $5,500 for platemaker or best offer. Would prefer local pickup.


Film processing printer is a BlackMAX film output printer,
-purchased from Ryonet in 2013
-it’s essentially an Epson Artisan 50 inkjet printer that comes with specialty All Black cartridges and specialty rip software (AccuRip) that prints dense black ink on waterproof film.
-prints up to 13” width
-comes with a dozen sheets of legal-sized waterproof film to get you started
-comes with renewed license for the most recent AccuRip Black Pearl software, which by itself retails for $495.
-I have been successfully using this printer to make film to use with above platemaker for the last 4 years, to make plates for letterpress printing.
-more info about this system at http://www.screenprinting.com/epson-1430-blackmax-ultimate-film-output-s...

Asking $850 for film output printer or best offer. Can ship this in original box.


Both items are in excellent working order and will come with all the documentation I’ve acquired since owning them. I am also willing to offer training on both these pieces of equipment so that you can fully understand them and get printing faster!

Both items are located in Westport, Ontario which is a one-hour drive north from the US border in upstate New York, at the Fineview/Wellesley Island border crossing.

$6,000 if buying both together or best offer. Serious inquiries only.

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