Chandler & Price Time Line & Date

Please, if possible approximate date of manufacture for C. &. P. Platen, Number stamped into the Bed (top left facing) C 124. Have tried to access the published *On Line* references, without success, Yet.
Just the manufacturing date would be good, but possible date of export to U.K. would be terrific. Thank You . Mick

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If it’s a 10x15 old series then it was made in 1905.


Mike at Foothill, good start, Thank You, (just got to work out how to circumnavigate, the details from my crude primitive computor.)

Christa, Thank You also, just *sort of * worked out that if it be with curved spokes on the flywheel (which C124 has) makes it Old Style/Series hopefully.

Any details of its Journey, Time, & Route to U.K. would be a bonus.

Thank You all, to present and future to come,! Mick.

Curved spokes = Old Series
Straight spokes = New Series
No Spokes = Craftsman

I suspect the other information you seek has been lost to time. The two main ports serving Ohio at that time would have been New York and Montreal, but it’s hard to say if the press to the port by canal or by rail.