Do you use digital fonts to make letterpress plates??

While I always enjoy paying my bills by making type sales through one of the two online companies representing me, I sometimes like to trade as well.

Do you have a large stash of unused graphic design, drafting or art supplies gathering dust - or any vintage lettering and sign making devices?

I’m open to horse-trading some of my 1200+ retro-influenced fonts for such items [if I can use them] shipped to me. What I won’t use myself, I’ll probably donate for use by local art students.

I’m also accepting in trade assortments of mint condition compact discs from Time-Life, Vee-Jay Records or old 45 rpm records in mint to near mint condition from the 50s and 60s.

If you’re doing some “house cleaning”, this might be the right opportunity for you.

Want to see my work? Check out my MyFonts foundry page:

See something that interests you? Make note of it. Each of my fonts sells individually for $29.00, but if we work out something, we both can benefit from a barter!

There is one tiny catch: All of my fonts are copyrighted and are my ONLY source of income. It is illegal, unethical and just plain wrong to re-sell, give away, post online or re-distribute my fonts in any way, shape or form or to make products for resale that are alpha-numeric sets (such as decals, stickers, stencils, ink stamps, sign kits, etc.) from the fonts without license.

The deal we make is providing the fonts for your own use in print jobs, and I vigorously protect my copyrights.

That said… care to trade? Let me know!

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