Challenge 305 MCPB - 30.5” Paper Cutter - price lowered

Currently for sale, one Challenge 305 MCPB paper cutter. This is a 30.5” wide hydraulic cutter with a powered back and digital readout. Clean, no rust, maintained regularly including a new filter at the end of 2016. I acquired it five years ago and used it daily at Repeat Press with great results. I cannot understate how vital it was to the growth of my shop! You can find my glowing review in a Boxcar Press blog post from a few years ago here:

The only reason for selling is because I just moved my shop to a new location that does not have three phase power. I was able to find a single phase 305 and am now using that instead. Unfortunately, this means that I cannot turn the cutter on at the current location but can give every assurance that it was functioning properly when removed from the previous location.

The machine was professionally skidded and prepared for moving when it came out of my old shop and now sits ready to go from my new ground-level location in Somerville, MA.

Key Details!

Model: Challenge 305 MCPB
Serial: 11957
Cutting width: 30.5”
Power: 3 phase, 28amp, 208/230v - currently wired with a 15’ cord and twist-lock style plug.

Purchase includes tools, manual, and two (used) knives.

Footprint is approx 48x60 with the side tables removed. The side tables will add about another foot to each side when installed.

Asking price: $3200

Please feel free to reach out with any questions!

Mike Dacey
Repeat Press

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