Kelsey 5x8 tabletop press

Hi am selling my Kelsey tabletop letterpress. A few details:

The rollers are new (never been used). I also have a few extras I can throw in: new ink (C,Y,M,K), misc. furniture, quoins, etc. Also, a full typeface (Bodoni) which, unfortunately, needs to be sorted, but is complete. All things considered, the extras alone are worth around $150. As you will likely see, there is minor surface rust in a couple places, just from sitting in storage. That will easily wipe off.

Let me know if you have any questions! I would like $800 for everything. I’m in San Diego, with local pickup preferred. Thanks for looking!

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image: 00b0b_kyZ4uPyqX2v_600x450.jpg


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