Kluge 10x15 automatic platen press with lots of extras

I have a beautiful 1930s Kluge 10x15 automatic platter press that I saved a handful of years ago. I had plans on having it operating again but after two moves it’s not making a third. I have cleaned the entire press and reoiled everything, it moves very smoothly and the vacuum pump works really good. It’s your standard restorable press that needs a home and a little effort which I can not give it. This press will have no problem running and printing again. It comes with the General Electric motor and controller which both work good. The controller is missing the front cover. All power is single phase 110/220 volt.

Also included with the press or I might sell separately is a 12-9 boxcar base, 6 chases, 2 cabinets of furniture one is full, a large box of longer furniture, a pile of quoins some are challenge “hi-speed” some Morgans & Wilcox and some other challenge ones. A couple type setting flattening blocks, a nice Redington counting machine that works great and has all its parts, 3 Morgan Expansion rollers with a set of NEW 12 rubbers, some low gauge pins, set of 3 kort adjustable quad guides, a box car roller gauge. I might not be listing everything I have a box of stuff. I also have a few VanSon black inks I would put in also.

This is located in Dayton, Ohio with easy loading ability. Depending on the day I could have a forklift available. I will help load.

$500 for the Kluge $1000 for all of it. This is MAKE AN OFFER, be reasonable but it does have to go.

Contact me if you want detailed photos of you are interested . Thank you.

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