Lithography Press

LITHO PRESS (details)

I know virtually nothing about this press other than that it is HEAVY and works. I haven’t been able to find a logo or any manufacturer information anywhere on the press…

I received the press from a printmaker, who was selling the building where it was located for many years. I believe the press dates back to at least the 70’s, but it’s tough to be sure. The press is in perfect working order as far as I can tell, it also comes with tools, rollers, solvents etc…

I am asking $3,000.00 OBO for the press but will consider a much lower price for a school or institution. The buyer should prepare to move the press down a 4th-floor walk-up building, located in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn. We have very limited access to a service elevator. The press will disassemble, but each part is very heavy. I would strongly recommend hiring movers.

Please contact me with any questions. Cheers!

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Press_01 (1).jpg

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