Korrex, register and position x/y

Hi all,

Just noticed that we have a small offset: when we feed the paper into the grippers and start rolling the cylinder, the registration with the printing plate is slightly off, approx. 5mm.

Hope the image illustrates what we mean. The top side of the paper already registers at the red line while it should actually start printing at the green line.

Please forgive us as we are just starting out. Is there a simple fix for this issue and are we missing it?

Thx, Steffen

image: korrex-registration.jpg


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Depending on what press you’ll print, you will notice that the grippers (Greifer) will need some space to hold the paper. It varies from one press to another. On my Vandercook Uni I, it’s 12.5 mm; on my Korrex Hannover, it’s 10 mm and on my Korrex Stuttgart, it’s 5 mm. Once you’ve established that, you take that into account when you build your forme, or you add extra to your paper.

Thank you so much, once again, Thomas!