Bookbindery equipment, Hand Bindery, Letterpress

I’m helping a family dismantle a long time bookbindery in South Central Maine. Items available for sale include:

- Kensol hot stamping machines with type chases
- Nipping presses, 2 larger than average in size
- Old school iron Job backer
- A large beautiful standing press (6ft + tall, large platen)
- Table top guillotine type paper cutter
- 32” electric guillotine type paper cutter
- Two greeting card size letterpress machines
- Numerous punching, perforating, wire stitching machines

All items will need to be picked up on site in Maine with the buyer responsible for all moving, packing or shipping costs.

Feel free to call with questions or email to request photos of any items you may be interested in.

FYI: There is NO type, hand tools, cloth, leather or other supplies available, just the equipment.

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