1853 Albion “Foolscap” Press

Albions were manufactured in England from the 1820s until the end of the nineteenth century, but few, if any, arrived in the United States until the twentieth century when they were brought in by collectors. This particular Albion has a 9 1/2″ x 15″ “foolscap folio” platen, so named for the size of the sheet that it would print (9 3/4″ x 15″). It is dated 1853. It is a table-top press and has a custom wooden base so that it is at work-height. It has all the original wood (handle and barrel) and has been beautifully restored.

The press was fully assembled and pulling prints when I purchased it in 2011; however, it had to be disassembled for transport and I have not re-oiled the runners or gotten the plate fully leveled. So it needs some minor tweaking to get it up and running but is in excellent condition and has always been stored inside my house.

Buyer will need to arrange for transport from Delray Beach, FL (or Boca Raton, FL), though I will be happy to assist if necessary by being available when the shipping company/and or buyer arrives to pack, possibly disassemble, and load the press into the vehicle.

I have more recent photographs of the press for anyone interested. I also have one set of type I will include with the press, along with any other materials it came with.


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image: Albion Printing Press.jpg

Albion Printing Press.jpg

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