Proper way to store rubber rollers for a long period

I am not going to be able to print for quite a while due to health problems, which leads to this question:

I have a set of fairly new rubber rollers.

What is the proper way to store them it I can not use them for maybe 6 months or more?

I have read of some for sale that were “stored in a box” but what kind of box and why is that good? Or is it?

If a box is not necessary, should they be wrapped with the paper that came wrapped around them initially. Is that enough?

And finally, before wrapping or putting in a box, should I coat them with any kind of chemical or just leave them dry?

I do know enough not to leave them laying flat against anything but that is as far as my knowledge goes. When I was working, rollers were used until worn out; none were stored for long periods so this is a new experience for me…

Any thoughts would be helpful.



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Make a wooden box big enough to fit the rollers side by side without touching each other, or the sides, top or bottom of the box. Then cut two pieces of wood, one to go in each end of the box. Drill holes in the pieces for the roller cores (shafts) to fit into. Space the holes so the rollers will be supported in the box, such that the rollers will be suspended without touching anything, or each other. Make a cover for the box, and a nice touch is to hinge the cover.

Store the rollers, in the box, in a cool (but not freezing), dry place away from heat, light and anything which can create ozone like fluorescent lights, sunlight, and electric motors.

You do not need to cover them with paper, and don’t coat them with anything.

If you are extra careful you could turn them in the box every few months, but it probably isn’t necessary.

This type of box keeps the rollers clean, and supported on the ends by their core ends.

Ideally, stored/located in a cool dark place, no sunlight etc.
Very least, horizontally, - if nothing else available, cradled in Plastic covered kitchen style, *Cup Hooks* the steel stock extensions, beyond the trucks, allowing 180 degree rotation every so often, BUT well covered in *Vaseline* as an atmospheric barrier, one or two tiny sachets of >silica gel< always good back up.??

The coating and protection tip,! published many times on B.P. and by the Roller re-manufacturers.

Thanks y’all! I have asked the roller maker a few times and never heard back from them. Didn’t find anything on Briar but I have noticed that you have to get the search words just right.

I appreciate the help, as always!