Korrex Hannover (1953): old gripper system

Dear letterpressers,

We are writing to ask for any advice, knowledge, or experiences that people might have had with older versions of the Korrex Hannover.

We just bought a new old press (1953) which had the old system of paper grippers and these grippers are now completely missing. We plan to restore the press to get it back in good working condition, and could use all the information on this old gripper system that we can get. (Any other thoughts or comments on the press in general are also welcome!).

If anyone else has a Korrex with this gripper system, we would really appreciate photos, manuals, details of dimensions, etc, so we can begin to build a replacement system. Better yet, if anyone can send through videos of the system in action, we could really get an idea of how it works.

Attached are 2 photos of our new gripper-less press, as well as 1 photo of the new gripper system (with green paper feed table) and 1 of the old gripper system (with light wood paper feed table).

We have written to Max Simmel Maschinenbau, the Korrex company in Germany, to enquire about spare parts, and are waiting for a reply. In the meantime, we’re hoping for help and advice from the Briar Press gang.

Nestor & Hannah,
Labora, Tallinn, Estonia


image: IMGhannover.jpg


image: hannover.jpg


image: newgrippers.jpg


image: oldgrippers.jpg


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There are no more spare Parts.
These presses are around, ask on the Dutch Forums (stichting Drukwerk in the Marg) if one of them can give you a good Photo or measurement, easy enough to make part.

Pictures have been sent to Nestor and Hannah last night…

If & When, all else fails (hopefully it will not) but perhaps look up the >Vertical Meihle< gripper finger system.! - - ?????