Metal Type website update

Just to let you know that the upgrade of the Metal Type website is now complete (if such a project can ever be described as complete!)

The final major step was to upgrade the Forum, which runs on different software to the rest of the site. I have decided to revert the forum to the default theme, which is more “responsive” - the previous orange theme did not really match up with the rest of the site. The new theme is shades of blue, but I plan on making it monochrome after SMF’s next major software update. Login details remain unchanged.

You can see the new Forum here; Metal Type Forum If you still see the old green and orange theme, there are instructions on how to go to the new responsive theme here: New Forum Theme

The Forum is a great source of knowledge, with the Monotype Community and Support Board patronised by some real experts in the technology.

Looking at the site stats in the weeks following the upgrade, it is clear that there is a lot of interest in the Free Ads section. As the number of ads posted increase this is sure to become a more poipular area of the site.

Ads are easy to post and can contain pics, once you have posted an ad you get access to your own control panel where you have full access to edit or delete your ad. There are also one-click buttons that enable you to promote your ad on all major social media networks. Take a look at Free ads

Why not place an ads for your goods or services? Ads are free and there is clearly an appetite for them.

There have been other small tweeks and changes made to the site during the week, mainly improving performance and page load times.

Thank you all for your continued support, please use the social media sharing buttons to promote your favourite parts of the site if you’d like to help out.

All the Best

Dave Hughes

Metal Type

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