Golding Pearl #11

For sale: Our loved-but-lonely letterpress Golding Pearl #11. Nothing wrong with it that I am aware of, but it hasn’t been used in close to ten years. Includes two rollers which appear to be in good condition. Chase is 11” x 7”. No foot treadle. Has a pulley on the flywheel if you want to attach a motor. Located in Evanston IL, in our basement. Will not ship / pick-up only. You’ll need a van and several strong friends to move it, though I’ll help. We’ll take a the flywheel off and remove the main body of the press from the base. Please email with any questions.

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image: Franklin_Pearl_right_a.jpg


image: Franklin_Pearl_platen_a.jpg


image: Franklin_Pearl_left_a.jpg


image: Franklin_Pearl_plate_a.jpg