NuArc Plate Maker

I Have A NuArc Flip top plate maker Model# ft 40V3up.
When I push the exposure button the lamp does not go on I just hear a click.
I put a new lamp in and still no exposure light goes on. Everything else is working just fine.
Any Ideas on what to check.

Thank you,
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Sounds like a relay or ballast, possibly a fuse.

Can you trace the eletricals back from the lamp power connections and determine if there is something that is not working correctly?

If You key into Google - Nuarc 1ft 40V 3up, appears a perfectly readable, schematic wiring diagram.
N.B. perhaps as Nuarc were around long before the modern day symbol that actually means No.1 use that, may get better results.!!!


In any case as You imply, *Flip Top* old fashioned logic implies that there should be a Micro switch, Limit Switch, Reset button, etc., etc., to trigger and safeguard the lamp, (and the operators eyes !) ONLY when the top is >flipped< into the operating position, = safety device probably.??? - Faulty Micro Switch, normally only low voltage coupled to - Relays, etc. Schematic should clarify. !!!