Houston we have a printing problem.

To printers, and non-printers, in Houston, and SE Texas areas, my sincere concern goes out to you. I’m a retired flood plain manager and understand all to well the problems yet to come for a recovery from hurricane Harvey and the unprecedented amount of after-rain. Having spent many years at FEMA listening to the concerns of floodplain mgrs from your state I’m very familiar with the flood disaster potential you contend with. This was not the worst case scenario, so you can only imagine what that might look like.

A valuable lesson can be learned for other flood prone areas of this country, and the world as well, that it is not a matter “if” these type of disasters will occur, it’s a matter of “when”. If you live near these forces of nature, try to keep your equipment elevated, even if only a few inches. Basement locations of equipment in flood prone areas are only begging for problems.

If you can, please donate to the Red Cross or another legit relief organization to help.

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There is a good sized letterpress printer in Houston—Lavandula run by Ron Pollvogt. He has several Heidelberg platens, a Heidelberg cylinder and steel die engraving presses. In our customer list for letterpress supplies, I show we have 34 other individuals and commercial shops that have bought from us. This hurricane can’t be good for any of these shops.