Hamilton Cabinets and Type

I have several empty type cabinets and one with type for sale.

Hamilton 2/3 case, all all matching drawers. Good condition - Empty - $700

Metal Hamilton California cabinet, some non-type drawers. non matching drawers, 24 drawers needs top, empty - $200

Metal Type cabinet - 24 non matching drawers, empty - $200

Metal Hamilton California type cabinet case - 24 drawers all original metal drawers, 3 open-style drawers for wood type - $200

Hamilton DoubleWide cabinet. Wood in great condition, all original 50 matching drawers. includes type listed below. Other drawers empty. $800
12 pt Arrighi
14 pt Arrighi
8 pt Baskerville
10 pt Baskerville
10 pt Baskerville Italic
12 pt Centaur
14 pt Centaur
18 pt Centaur
14 pt Clarendon Book
18 pt Clarendon Book
12 pt Craw Clarendon Book
16 pt Cooper
10 pt Della Robbia
10 pt Garamond
10 Pt Garamond Light Italic
12 pt Parsons
8 pt Post Roman
10 pt Post
14 pt Post
10 pt Universe Bold Cond
10 pt Universe Bold Roman
8 pt Universe Light Roman
6 on 8 Universe Medium
8 pt Universe Medium
10 pt Universe Medium
12 pt Universe Medium
12 pt Universe Med Cond
14 pt Universe Medium
10 pt Universe Medium wide
3X12 pt unidentified font
14 pt unidentified

Hammond Glider Trim-O-Saw - works great, 220V, $250

Local pickup in Boise, Idaho. I can work with shippers but you need to arrange it. I can pack/wrap for an additional fee. You can email bingo (at) bingobarnes (dot) com for pictures.

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