Paper Suggestion for letterpress and ink jet printer

I am printing a piece that requires both letterpress printing and digital printed images. What is a good paper for both? Does the paper need to be pre-treated with Ink Aid or such product to get the laser to print on it?

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What weight of paper are you thinking of using? And which is it, laser or ink jet? You mention ink jet in the subject header and laser in the description.

With the right paper you should be able to print both letterpress and laser or ink jet.


Updated. I am using an Epson Stylus Photo R2400 and a Vandercook Sp-20.
I am printing a “booklet” with cover and 24 text pages. I am using regular boxcar plates. I am looking at Legion Digital Rag sheets in 100% cotton, 300gsm weight “compatible with both dye and pigment inks” —I want a substantial feel because it is so few pages and there will only be a few of these printed. I need to be able to fold and sew the sheets for binding. Is there another paper you suggest or do you have experience with this particular one? Thanks


I don’t have experience with this paper. One thing though, that I’ve noticed, is that papers that are marketed as BOTH ink jet and laser, tend to work with letterpress. Mohawk’s 50/10, for instance, is an amazing repro sheet.

Only other thing to add here is that you might have some registration problems with the ink jet so design to allow for possible variance.

Good luck