Oiling the cam rider

I think I’ve found all the oiling holes on my C&P 8x12 Old Style, but I’m wondering if the platen cam rider on the inside of the gear on the right hand side of the press should be treated differently. I’ve oiled the cam bearing itself through its oil hole but I’m pretty sure the previous owner told me to apply grease to the track the cam rides in. Is this a good idea?

I’ve attached an image and you can see the red synthetic wheel bearing grease I’ve applied on the track. My concern is that the oil from the bearing will mix with the grease and maybe that is not good. As always, thanks!

image: CP812-cam.jpg


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C & P does not prescribe grease for any place in the press. Not even the gears. Oil only.
In this case the kidney bean shaped slot in the bull gear is the cam and the wheel that rides in it is the cam follower.
A shot of oil on the follower will be distributed to the cam.
While standing at the delivery board, and with flashlight in hand, look down and to the left inside the press. You will see a vertical slot cam with a wheel cam rider. The wheel should be shiny. A shot of oil on this wheel also.
Get some ink on your shirt.

Use grease there, and in the long run the follower may slide rather than roll, eventually developing a flat spot.
I’ve always found pipe cleaners useful in keeping these elusive oil holes open. Also, to pump oil into the hole rather than just drip oil in; depending on the type of oil gun you may need to put a bit of rag over the tip, which acts as a gasket so the oil is forced down into the mechanism rather than spilling out.

You may find on some C&Ps that there is a hole in the side of the big gear that reveals the follower, and it can be oiled from the side by the steam pulley. You might also find an oil port on the rolling follower itself.

Thank you for the advice. The follower on my press does have an oil port. Not easy to get to with my oil can but I wlll rig something up.

I’m trying to understand the suggestion regarding the bit of rag over the tip to help pump the oil in. By covering the tip with cloth, the oil is forced through the material which sort of pressurizes it. Is that right?

Time to wipe all that grease out of the cam. Thanks again!

The rag around the tip of the oilcan, pressed tight against the oilhole, acts like a gasket so that the oil is forced down into the oilhole and into the bearing surfaces under some pressure rather than flowing back out. Some tips work better than others for this.
You don’t need to do this every oiling, just occasionally, so you know the lubrication is getting where it needs to be.

Thank you!