Very experienced letterpress printer wanted in San Francisco

The Box SF and Reflectur are looking to hire and extremely experienced Letterpress Printer for our new venture here in San Francisco, California. We are not looking for a junior printer, we are looking for someone with significant experience and understanding of hand letterpresses, treadle presses, foiling, die-cutting and printing processes, repair and upkeep of our magnificent presses and over all pressroom management. We are looking for a craftsperson!

We are opening a recreation of an 1850’s to 1930’s working letterpress shop, antique mercantile and rare ephemera store and archive in our historic 15,000 square foot building in SOMA. We have 11 presses and are creating a true destination spot in the former William Randolph Hearst Printing Plant in San Francisco.

We will be creating and printing our own unique product, designing product for others, selling letterpress work by some of the best in the business and showcasing and selling millions of pieces of antiquarian paper and related product.

We’ll be doing classes, workshops, scrapbooking and ephemera classes, hand printing, etching, stone lithography and doing book arts and collector events among other things!

Inquiries should be addressed only to MS[email protected] or by calling 415-602-9500

Mark E. Sackett

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