Windmill Foil attachment

I purchased a Foil attachment for a 10x15 Windmill but missing the bracket that holds the roll of Foil. If anyone has one like this can you send me a pics of the bracket it’s the bracket that holds the rod that the Foil is on, below the chase. Or is there a parts book or operators book thanks in advance. It’s the bracket for the last picture. Also need to find the roller that the Foil goes on after foiling has been ran thru. Second picture. Also a brand name for what I purchased.

image: 7EE5F814-44AB-4853-861E-8DFEFFD796FD.jpeg


image: 984B15C2-6886-43E9-933C-8B99FF0EEDD2.jpeg


image: image.jpg


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Did you install the system on your machine yet? If so ,could you send clear pics for it ? Did you get a heat controller ?plugs?extra wires? or you just had what is in the 3 pics?
- About bracket that holds the roll of Foil , there is 2 kinds attached to the chase , Other attached to machine (should be red ball with rollers off)
- About roller that the Foil goes on after foiling .. You have to send a pic on the right side first ,so i could show you what you need..