Albion Rib Leg

Looking for advice, a photo or a catalogue picture of a rib leg appropriate for this 1859 F.Ulmer 14½” x 19” Albion. Already have a wood mould for casting a similar Harrild one but suspect by comparing the rather plain feet that the Ulmer is less ornamental.

image: IMG_4524.JPG


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Try asking Harry Rochat

The Rochat press claims to be based on an Ulmer Albion but looks like one of the fancier ones.

Here are three photos of Albions that might help (courtesy of Google Image search)

If it helps any, my father’s Albion was missing the Rib leg and used two wooden blocks and a large dowel (heavy duty broomstick size). This didn’t look too different from the third example.

It looks like you could go as simple as a solid straight rod if you wish.

Vintage soda fountain stool bases make great replacement rib stays for iron hand presses. They look age appropriate, are sturdy, and have enough base to them that they won’t twist and squirm as does a small dowel rod, especially if your press’s front legs are not anchored to the floor. Welding in a bolt to their top is all that is required unless a wooden base is needed to compensate for additional height.

Hello I just acquired an Albion 11.5 x 16” that is missing the rib stay…..could you forward me a photo of the mold you have? Do you plan on casting one ? Best regards, Paul 617 834-9354

adjust to length…..just ribbing you…..

image: peper pot foolscap.jpg

peper pot foolscap.jpg