2 Presses & a Perforator: C&P, Kluge(?) & Rosback

Dad’s old presses and the perforator from his Estate have to go. The Chandler & Price platen presses have been posted at Excelsior Press since 2016 but have had no bites - looking for a bigger pond to swim in here. House is selling soon and realtor wants the presses out! We’re finally ready to let them go. This is the first time (and sadly the last time) the Perforator has been shown. Easy loading access to driveway from garage for the presses and from the basement-to-sidewalk-to-driveway for the perforator transport (no stairs to climb). The realtor will meet you there but you are handling all of the packing/loading/shipping/transport to your desired destination. Close to the Interstate. It’s time to roll - the presses that is… $1,500 OBO by Halloween (10/31/17) for all 3 and they are yours to remove no later than 11/15/17. Needs TLC, the heart of an artist, the mind of a mechanic and the hands of a tinkerer. Steam punk artists may also be interested if you want to part them out. Please visit this site for better tech information and pictures on the presses: http://excelsiorpress.org/_printing.presses.for.sale.or.rescue/
Thank you for remembering and supporting this craft. Please let me know if you would like to receive a pdf document with more pictures and comments.

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