Hot Stamper: Phase II Model 301

The Phase II Hot Stamper Model 301

-Maximum imprinting area of 3” x 6” with a typesetting area of up to 20 square inches.  

-This is a great machine for the aspiring and experienced printmaking artist

-Create invitations, thank you, greeting, business cards, and smartly adorned stationery.  

-Plugs into a standard, 3-prong 110V outlet (North American standard)—no special electrical setup required.  

-Hot stamper has thermostatic control and a selection of different sized type-holders

-A selection of foil rolls will be included in the buyer’s choice of colors (as available)


Shipping in the Continental US is estimated at $50 - 75, depending on location.  International shipping is available worldwide—contact us with your location for an estimate.  This item is available for free local pickup in Indianapolis, IN.

What is “Hot Stamping?”

Also known as “hot foil stamping” or “foil stamping”, one might recognize hot-stamped imprints as the elegant gold, metallic imprints found on award ribbons, napkins (weddings, anniversaries), pencils and pens, matchbooks, letterheads, business cards, plastic name badges, and virtually any other flat surface other than metal or glass. Optional accessories such as a special fixture for holding flat-sided pencils/pens, matchbooks, and a general-purpose fixture to hold almost any item are still available from the manufacturer.

Want to print your own small letterpress invitations, stationery, business cards, etc.?  See our collection of tabletop presses and starter’s kits!

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