C&P, Wood & Lead Type Collection For Sale

I’m selling my shop in anticipation of a move next year. I’m selling a C&P, wood and lead type.
Press $2200: 40’s era New Style 10x15” C&P that works great. I use it for lots of production work. It includes a 6x9” boxcar base, furniture, leading, a good chase, treadle, and box of inks.
Wood Type $700: I have a rare set of Helvetica wood type with custom case, 1.5”, 2”, 3” lower case, upper case and numerals. It’s a rather complete set and the cabinet is made for this type set.
Lead Type $2000: I have a 48 drawer double cabinet that is full. 44 drawers of type 48pt-12pt, 3 drawers of advertising cuts, and a drawer of ornaments and extras. It includes additional fonts without drawers, composition sticks, coppers/brass.
Available for pickup in Kansas City. I am willing to arrange to ship if needed or work to set up freight.

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image: Helvetica Wood Type Set w/ Cabinet

Helvetica Wood Type Set w/ Cabinet

image: Lead Type Collection

Lead Type Collection

image: C&P New Style Job Press

C&P New Style Job Press

image: Lead Type Collection 2

Lead Type Collection 2