Cases of type, $300

I have not catalogued all of the faces, nor have I checked to see which ones are complete or missing characters. Also included are several loose galleys of various type, and some various cuts, leading, furniture (not all of which is included in the photos).

Very heavy but can easily be moved by removing all of the drawers, moving the main structure, then replacing all of the drawers. I can help move it out of the basement it is currently stored in.

Local pickup in Seattle only, no shipping or crating unless you coordinate it yourself. Upfront cash payment before loading onto your vehicle. Buyer is responsible for any damage during loading or transport.

I am also selling a Chandler and Price 10x15 New Style press, and a 34” Challenge paper trimmer. I would be happy to sell everything together, or separate it. Price for everything together would be $2,500.

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