Tuscan Condensed - Looking for more information

Hi all,

I recently purchased this font in 6 line which is labeled in Rob Roy Kelly’s American Wood Type 1828 - 1900 (the reissued addition 2010, pg 149 - top right) as “Tuscan Condensed”. I’m looking to get a B made and was wondering if anyone might have a proof of this typeface/letter? I’d also love more background if there is any. I’m not sure if this face has a more specific name. There was no marking on the type for a maker.

Here’s a higher resolution image:


image: tuscancondensed.jpg


image: RobRoyKelly.jpg


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Side note: I am sure I can make a B based on the letters that I do have, just was curious if anyone had an actual B as I’d like to be as accurate as possible.


This face is shown on page 155, of the Tubbs’ (circa 1904)specimen book, that I have, and is numbered 2092. Luckily, two sizes display a ‘B’ and should be easily duplicated using a cap ‘R” with the top and bottom bowl the same design. I have done this, in the past, and I doubt that anyone ever noticed. See:
Note: Tubbs was formerly known as American Wood Type.

Dave Greer

Thanks Dave, that’s exactly what I’m looking for! I was hoping you would see this and comment. One detail I might have overlooked was the opposing corners in the counters where that crossbar meets the stem.

Now time to proof and get some letters made.