1959 Heidelberg Windmill 10 x 15 Must Go - Only $750

This is a $2000-$3000 press but we are out of time. We have to vacate our studio by mid-December. So, please take advantage of this ridiculous discount and take this press for a fraction of its value.

Fantastic automatic feed production work horse letterpress. Tight registration. Excellent for inking, scoring, die cutting and perfing. We have had the press for over 4 years and it has been well maintained and improved and only lightly used as we have two other presses in the shop. Time to move to a smaller space and we cant justify moving it again. The press has a red ball on the impression lever, but we are pretty sure this replaced the original black ball.

Runs on 3 Phase electric which makes it very inexpensive to run.

1 Chase
3 Rollers
Miscellaneous spare parts, friskets
Wood mounting blocks
Assorted furniture
Parts catalog
Tympan paper
Oil Pan

Weighs approximately 3,000 lbs. You are fully responsible for moving and we recommend hiring professionals to do the job. Press is on ground floor level and, once on rollers can be moved to the sidewalk.

This press can also be set up for numbering or foiling although it does not come with either attachment

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