Supplies for Non-Profit Artist Guild

Asking for any used or surplus printmaking supplies for donation to a local non-profit artist guild.


Art 321 is a Casper Wyoming-based non-profit that promotes the arts by making equipment, instruction and gallery space and available to local artist. Their goal is fostering interest in the arts. However, printmaking was not something they were set up to do. So to help support them in their work, I placed with them my 19th century Reliance Press (Serial No. 25). My hope is, that by placing the press with them, and making it available for anyone to use (the only fee is one copy of whatever they print for display), we can kindle and interest and teach printmaking. I am also loaning them some type, print blocks, furniture, and a surplus chase from a Kelsey press. Art 321 is a non-profit with a very limited operating budget, so if you want to help support this effort, anything that one would wish to donate would be appreciated. And, as a 501-C-3, they would be happy to provide a tax receipt for the donation. Thanks in advance. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or Art 321 at (307) 265-2655 (ask for Diane Harrop)

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